Meet Amber

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Hi, I’m Amber.

A-Hillsong-United-Christian-Rock-loving-diaper-bag toting-wife-and-mom who is absolutely in love with Jesus! Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I’m a boy mom to the fun-loving Demetrius II, 3, who we fondly refer to as Deuce and the energetic Richard Glenn, 1, who we all call RG. I’ve been married to the love of my life Demetrius Anderson Sr. for six years.  In fact, just a year ago, I was a marketing strategist for a Fortune 500 company before realizing my dream of being a stay-at-home mom. However, the life I led in my dreams looked a little different. Ok, a lot different. I envisioned myself flouncing around in yoga pants and Hunter boots, looking cute and casual. But the only thing that still fits is the Hunter boots. I’m still working on getting back to my pre-baby body so I can’t quite fit into the cute yoga pants that I bought before quitting my job. Keeping it all the way real, let’s just say it’s a task in and of itself to get out of the house with everyone in tow and on time. 

Quite simply, the goal of this blog is just that—to keep it real with you. You can always rely on me to be authentic. I want to encourage you with the lessons I’ve learned on this journey of motherhood and to inspire you all to create a perfect place, experience or moment, even when life is not always perfect. So pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and get ready to take this imperfect, honest and authentic journey with me.


About me

One of my favorite cities in the world is Pasadena, California, the place where I grew up and the place where I developed my love for reading and the fine arts. I’m a sorority girl and card-holding member of the degreed club. I hold a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration. In addition to blasting Christian Rock, I’m also quite fond of 90s-00s hip hop and R&B. I have a pretty big heart for children and spent many years volunteering in the children’s ministry of my church. Before becoming a mom, you could catch me taking a nap or curled up alongside my husband on the couch reading a US Weekly Magazine as he watched a sporting event. I spent a lot of time watching foreign & independent films, cooking gourmet meals and attending the opera and ballet. Now that naps are a thing of the past and I’m a full-time mom, I enjoy hot showers, the laughter and wonder of my boys and date-nights with my husband. My daily guilty pleasure that no one—and I mean no one—is going to take away from me is my Starbucks coffee. I know I could save money by using my Keurig, but some things are just worth fighting for. 

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